What is Jib?


Why Tink?

Tink is a multi-language, cross-platform cryptographic library developed by a group of cryptographers and security engineers at Google. Google engineers want to reduce security risk involved in existing OpenSSL library as well as reduce complex bindings and specific systems dependency. Tink is open source and have simple APIs which supports portability and best for encrypt data at Rest.


What is Chaos Engineering ?

How to build a reliable software? This is first question comes in mind when you are designing a large scale software. Answer could be, I will use java based frameworks (spring, micronaut or any other), will use integration test, unit test, load test and will deploy solutions on cloud. Still software fails in production environment in different circumstances and you can not stop failure completely but you can learn from failure and improve your system, to make it more resilient and more reliable.


Micronaut is a cloud native microservice framework developed by Object Computing Inc, creators of the Grails framework and takes inspiration from lessons learnt over the years building real-world applications from monoliths to microservices using Spring, Spring Boot and Grails.

Why Micronaut?

Micronaut aims to avoid the downsides of frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot:

  1. Fast startup time

Computer Vision

What is CNN ?

CNN is most popular neural network used in image classification and object detection. Hidden layer inside CNN is called convolutional layer and these layers are responsible to detect pattern in supplied input(images). CNN can also have non convolutional layers, but convolutional layer is heart of CNN.

Convolutional Layer:

Just like other…


Anshu Mishra

Software developer Lead at TSYS. Technical Enthusiast, Technical blogger. Interest area is cloud native technology , ML and AI.

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