What is Zookeeper?

Apache Zookeeper is distributed data storage (not designed for large data storage) and mainly used for coordination purposes. Configuration management is one widely used purpose. Distributed systems like Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Apache Hive, Apache Nifi and many more are using zookeeper. All these distributed systems are using zookeeper as a coordinator between all nodes and stores all shared config, state and metadata. Stored data should be small in size and should not more than 1Mb in size.

Architecture of Zookeeper:


What is Event and Event-Driven architecture?

The event is a state change in application. In simple words, you can assume a button click on a page is an event. Source of events could be user, like button click or software system producing events like IoT devices generating real-time sensor data.

Event-driven architecture (EDA) is a software architecture paradigm. Event producer and event consumers are two major components of EDA. The responsibility of the producer is to sense any state change and present this state as an event message. The producer does not know who is the consumer of this event…

What is Jib?

Jib is a set of plugins for maven and gradle for building optimized OCI-compliant container images for Java applications without a Docker daemon.

Why Jib?

Jib is fast - Jib separates your application into multiple layers, splitting dependencies from classes. Now you don’t have to wait for docker to rebuild your entire Java application — just deploy the layers that changed.

Daemonless- No need of docker CLI and writing DockerFile to build docker images. Gradle or maven is sufficient to build your image.

Reproducible- Rebuilt container image has the same digest. Jib adds files and directories in a consistent order…


Why Tink?

Tink is a multi-language, cross-platform cryptographic library developed by a group of cryptographers and security engineers at Google. Google engineers want to reduce security risk involved in existing OpenSSL library as well as reduce complex bindings and specific systems dependency. Tink is open source and have simple APIs which supports portability and best for encrypt data at Rest.

If you want SSL/TLS security then s2n (Amazon Implementation of TLS) would be a good choice. s2n implementation is having 6000 line of code and best part is it’s open source.

Tink is built on top of existing libraries such as BoringSSL…


What is Chaos Engineering ?

How to build a reliable software? This is first question comes in mind when you are designing a large scale software. Answer could be, I will use java based frameworks (spring, micronaut or any other), will use integration test, unit test, load test and will deploy solutions on cloud. Still software fails in production environment in different circumstances and you can not stop failure completely but you can learn from failure and improve your system, to make it more resilient and more reliable.

The methodology of chaos engineering can help to build more reliable and resilience softwares.

“Chaos Engineering is…


Micronaut is a cloud native microservice framework developed by Object Computing Inc, creators of the Grails framework and takes inspiration from lessons learnt over the years building real-world applications from monoliths to microservices using Spring, Spring Boot and Grails.

Micronaut has built-in support for all necessary components to build cloud native microservices like dependency injection, auto configuration, service discovery, http routing, client side load balancing etc.

Why Micronaut?

Micronaut aims to avoid the downsides of frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot:

  1. Fast startup time

2. Low memory foot print

3. Minimal reflection use

4. Minimal proxy uses

Framework like spring boot were…

Computer Vision

CNN(Convolutional Neural Networks) is just one kind of neural network specially designed to detect patterns.

Before starting CNN, I would suggest to read my previous articles about Deep Learning Fundamental and Activation Functions.

What is CNN ?

CNN is most popular neural network used in image classification and object detection. Hidden layer inside CNN is called convolutional layer and these layers are responsible to detect pattern in supplied input(images). CNN can also have non convolutional layers, but convolutional layer is heart of CNN.

This video is very helpful to understand basics of CNN. Please have a look for more insight.

Convolutional Layer:

Just like other…

In previous article, we discussed the fundamental of Artificial Neural Network and briefly discussed activation function as well. In this article, we will discuss activation functions in detail.

Activation function is a very important component of Artificial Neural Network. Activation function is inspired by activity in our brain.

For example, when you are happy then different neuron will be activated in your mind and when you sad different neuron will be activated. Same concept is used by ANN to activate neuron in next layer of ANN. We can represent activation of neuron in next layer as 0 (not activate)or 1(activate).

What is protocol buffer and why to use?

Protocol buffers are a flexible, efficient, automated mechanism for serializing structured data. Think about JSON or XML and also think about HTTP,RPC and other client-server protocols. In traditional client server model , client or server will exchange data in text ,JSON or XML format. Protocol buffer is technique to serialize you data in smaller or compressed format and then this smaller and compressed part will travel on internet in faster speed. You can deserialize your data on other end. All serialization will be in binary format.

Now question is why not language…


Deep learning is subfield of machine learning and uses algorithms inspired by structure and function of the brain’s neural network.

Before talking about deep leaning, we need to understand the different types of machine learning algorithms present for different use cases.

We can categorize machine learning algorithms in four type-

1- Supervise learning — Supervise learning algorithms are working with your data model which is labeled. Supervise learning has two parts. One is called classification and other is called regression.

a) Regression- This used to predict continuous values like stock price and home price in a specific city. …

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